Posted on: Aug 07, 2013

Mr. Freeman, an existential cartoon

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Mr. Freeman is a Russian character of a series of black-and-white cartoons. The first episode appeared on Sept. 21, 2009. Since then, 19 episodes have been published and the total number of views surpassed 35 million.

Mr. Freeman has its own blog on LiveJournal, a website and numerous representations on various social networks. The creators still remain unknown and as you can see it’s done by a very professional team of artists and animators.

On April 15, 2010, Mr. Freeman received a Deutsche Welle “The Best of Blogs” award for the best video blog.

Mr. Freeman cartoons have no political messages. They focus on existential, philosophical issues of everyday life. Mr. Freeman appeals to the spectators, portraying the emptiness of their lives, which consist of consumerism, entertainment and laughing at others.

Mr. Freeman has become a symbol. He might be found on t-shirts, graffiti and even tattoos. But his most important achievement are endless discussions of the meaning of the enigmatic Mr. Freeman and his messages.

Mr. Freeman continues to appear in new cartoons almost every month. The most probable number of the future series is 64. Some of Mr. Freeman’s messages allegedly include hints that his strategic goal is the end of the famous Maya calendar on 21.12.2012, the date considered by some as the “end of the world day.”

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Some episodes have also greek subtitles.

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