Posted on: May 07, 2013

A Boy and his Atom: the world's smallest movie


In a try to show off their artistic abilities, IBM researchers created a film, which has won the Guinness record for the smallest film in the world. And by smallest, we don't refer to the duration of the film,but to its size. It is a movie with atoms as actors!

The movie

The film A Boy and his Atom was created, by using a special microscope that allowed the researchers to put in the desirable order, a number of atoms to create an image, which magnified 100 million times. The result is 242 frames, lasting 90 seconds and showing a boy dancing and playing with his own atom.

This is not the case of a great scientific achievement. What we actually wanted to achieve with that movie was to make children or even adults, familiar with the world of mathematics, technology and science!

If you are wondering how they were able to see and move the atoms around, just check this IBM short clip.



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