Posted on: Apr 09, 2013

Dead On Time, what would you do


Dead On Time, a short film from Yerwolves, Kostas Skiftas and Andreas Labropoulos, is an independent movie that has received numerous awards from various festivals worldwide, with only 100 euros spent for its production. Dead On Time proves that a big budget does not always guarantee success, but other things, like a great script and smart production does.

The movie

Kassandra's and Lazaro's car is suddenly out of gas in the middle of nowhere. While looking for someone to help them, they get themselves into trouble and then the movie goes on and 12 minutes of action, suspense and strain begin! I am not going to tell anything else, so if you like action and "craziness", just go watch the movie! That's my tip.



She is an active student and so busy that she didn't even say something for her self. Oh the irony.