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Posted on: Jun 07, 2017

Hellas abroad with Hellenic Corner

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Hellenic Corner is a newborn platform that helps small and medium-sized enterprises that are based in Greece, with the promotion of their products or their services. It is online since the beginning of 2017 in the greek and english language and with the aim of adding more languages such as french, german and russian by the end of the year. The target is to bring foreign consumers in touch with greek small businesses and this is why its motto is "Hellas abroad!".

With this interview, you can learn more information about the platform and the people behind Hellenic Corner and get to know more about its services.

Who is behind Hellenic Corner?

Hellenic Corner is a family run business, with Pericles as the inspirer of the idea. Pericles (father) is the one responsible for finding and servicing customers.

Stavros (son) who is professionally working in the IT sector ( lives and works in Amsterdam ) is the one behind the building, maintenance and development of the platform. Lambrini (daughter and biologist - neuroscientist) is responsible for the material, the videos and the blog, while Thomina (daughter and graduate of the Forestry Faculty of AUTh) is responsible for the maintenance of the site, the entries and the social media. Maria comes to complete the group and give the final touch by adding delicious cooking recipes and, of course, coordinating the family, as any Greek mother does.

What is the idea behind Hellenic Corner?

Three years ago and after a trip to the Netherlands, observing the need for greater promotion of Greek small and medium-sized businesses and products, the idea was born of a business hosting platform that can offer the opportunity mainly for Greek small and medium-sized businesses to promote their products and services, abroad and online at a low cost.

Who and how can advertise in the Hellenic Corner platform?

Any restless businessman, producer or service provider can advertise in the Hellenic Corner online platform.

The process is simple. The person concerned has only to send an email with his business details such as address, phone, photo material and additional information about the activities or products he wants to promote.

It is not necessary to have a website to be advertised on Hellenic Corner, a Facebook page is enough.

Why would someone advertise on the Hellenic Corner platform?

The reason why an entrepreneur will choose to advertise on the Hellenic Corner platform is because he can have an international view of his products or services at very low cost in at least 3 languages.

Also, if someone does not have a site, with only their Facebook page and by paying a low annual subscription with no hidden charges, will have the care of Hellenic Corner. Hellenic Corner enables small and medium-sized businesses to expand their purchasing audiences easily and economically.

What other interesting articles can someone find in Hellenic Corner?

He can find a number of Greek traditional recipes written with great love for the Greek cuisine. These recipes are often enriched and designed to spread Greek cuisine and, along with it, all the traditional products that are needed for the cooking. In the blog there are selected articles about the beneficial properties of honey as a food, but also as a cosmetic, for olive oil and the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

Whenever Hellenic Corner is renewed with new customers and material?

The platform is continuously renewed with the addition new businesses and information. The recipes and articles are updated regularly to keep the interest of the readers, as well as to welcome new readers and prospective buyers.

How are purchases made through the Hellenic Corner?

Hellenic Corner is collaborating with City Delivery Courier, which offers cost-effective product delivery packages to buyers, which is particularly important because the extra cost of shipping is often a major barrier to selling products over the internet.

The prospective buyer can contact the businessman directly through the contact details and then leave reviews about the product / service and the producer / provider.

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