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Posted on: Apr 04, 2014

Help us adopt a Greek stray dog or cat. A call to find flight escorts.

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This is a call to find flight escorts for stray puppies and kittens from Greece to Netherlands. That is our furry friends to find their GREENLAND (“GREEce-NetherLANDs”).

The reason is that in Greek stray animals have a harsh life (some already may know) and their average age is only 2 years old. The financial crisis only made life even harder for strays.

People in general, tend to throw them away and let them loose in streets unsterilised, as they cannot afford to keep them, resulting in a boost in the number of stray animals on the roads. In several cases, animals also experience a big amount of violence especially when their population increases rapidly and some unauthorised “humans” decide to control it by poisoning them and letting them suffer a slow painful death. Needless to say that there is no governmental care about animal welfare.

Now-days it seems that Greek stray cats and dogs have an opportunity to be adopted by Dutch and Germans. As a consequence a request for flight escorts from Greece to the Netherlands and Germany is in place.

And here comes the part where YOU can help. Ex-patriots are likely to travel from one country to another and could be a good opportunity to escort a furry friend to his new home.

The procedure is simple. You tell us your flight details and volunteers from Greece will book a kennel to your name (few days prior to departure). At the day of departure, volunteers will be present at the airport to pay all expenses and complete all paperwork and required procedures. All legal documents (passports, medical certifications, etc) will be handed over to you at the airport and you’ll be registered as the owner of the animal. The animal will travel “in cargo” inside the kennel and upon your arrival you will receive it from the “bulk objects” belt. The new family of the animal will be waiting at the exit of the terminal to hug their beloved new furry friend and thank you for your help.

If you would be interested to help our furry-friends, you may visit the Facebook pages below and contact directly the people who have posted an appeal or contact Marina Farazoglou on Facebook.

Flight escorts appeals from Athens

Flight escorts appeals from Thessaloniki

Last but not least, we would like to thank one of your group members (Zeta Photoarts) who helped a furry friend to travel and meet his new family in the past. It was her comments that generated the idea to try and reach more people.

Thank you Zeta and thank you all potential flight escorts.