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Posted on: Jul 18, 2013

Incredible Crete aiming for the incredible Hollywood


The Region of Crete has done a splendid job with the amazing videos they have been producing to increase tourism and spread the beauty of the island on all corners of the globe.

The latest video though doesn’t only aim at tourism but at Hollywood at the same time. Within six and a half minutes a director (played by Vassilis Orfanos) is trying to convince a producer to fund his version of the adventures of Phileas Fogg. 80 days around the world, but all shot in Crete.

Crete has the potential to be an ideal location for shooting hollywood movies since the terrain has many different aspects and you can find almost any scenery you might be looking for. But is that enough? Production studios are always on the lookout to cut costs, but besides having all the sceneries in one island that you can drive across in 4 hours, producers also need to be in a country that will also allow them to work fast and without a ton of paperwork, thus cutting costs and time.

Nonetheless we are truly hoping that the video will reach hollywood and that someone will see the potential in the magical island of crete.

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