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Posted on: Jul 14, 2013, a very modern and refreshed rock music portal

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Savvas and Nikos are two guys with a great passion for Rock Music. Since 2009, they created, developed and still maintain one of the largest rock portals in Greece, with rock themed news, music, book presentations, critiques, concert news and opinion articles.

Savvas has worked as an editor on the Greek edition of Rock Hard and he is also the founder of the Dream Theater fan club in Greece, while Nikos was giving away great rock melodies as a Radio producer in Rhodes.

When did you start

Nicholas: The website was launched at the end of 2009. Since then, we have made quite a few improvements and updates. What you see now is the newest and most recent version, which we believe reflects our vision and dream.

Savvas: We wanted to create something which is not only a rock website. Rock fans have other interests too. They go to watch movies, they are interested in books and they want to have updates on new gadgets. We try to offer all of these. We even have a food section where visitors can have a look on some very interesting recipes from chefs.

What about your editors? How many people are involved? Do you have any non-Greek editors from abroad?

Savvas: There are about 10 Greek editors who contribute and occasionally a guy from the US and a guy from Australia. We need non-Greek editors since we believe they add value to the website.

How do you see the music industry in Greece; Do you believe that the financial crisis has changed the industry?

Nicholas: The industry has changed a lot. Referring to rock music, everything is different now than it was back in late 90s or early 00s. Financial crisis made the bands more skeptical. It is good however that the Greek rock scene seems more solid now. We have some good bands and it is only a matter of good management.

Savvas: I believe that the bands are more into a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach. They try to write, produce and promote their albums by themselves. This is good but you have to be very much dedicated to what you do to progress.


What are the subjects that most of your readers are interested in? What are your most popular articles?

Savvas: There is no certain answer to this. People, for sure, are very much interested in reading the latest news. However, a good topic with lots of videos and trivia that requires research is always hot.

Nicholas: You may believe that interviews and record presentations are the hottest topics on a music website. However, this is not true. Most of the regular visitors on a rock webzine know what to expect from an interview. On the other hand, fans have now online access to most of the music. Therefore presentations do not have the same importance as they used to. On the other hand, you cannot ignore them.

Savvas: As for the most popular subjects, our "Most Popular Section" on the website shows the topics that have been read mostly by our visitors.

Would you consider moving the website basis abroad? Everything can be done online now.

Nicholas: We live in Greece so this is something that we haven’t discussed. Financially, it might have been good for us but there are a number of issues that should be taken into consideration.

Would you be interested in having a full English version in the future?

Savvas: Again this is something that we haven’t discussed. I believe though that there are many English websites. Think of the online versions of Rolling Stone, NME, Kerrang or Blabbermouth. You cannot compete those websites so as for now I don’t see the point in making something like that.


Do you consider the website as a full time job or as a hobby?

Nicholas: When we first launched the website we wanted to act as professionals although we did not earn any money. I think that as time moves on and you establish yourself in the market you have to go for the money as well.

Savvas: When you put so much effort, time and money on something, you always hope for a financial reward. We do something that we really like so money isn’t everything.

How hard is for you people to keep a website like this alive and refreshed?

Savvas: Like I said, we have invested money, time and much effort. We are pleased to have some dedicated editors and contributors who share our vision so everything runs smoothly and easy.

Nicholas: It is an ongoing process but it is not a routine. The fact that many fans choose to get their rock updates from is very challenging for us. Yes it is hard, yes we have to be committed to excellence but it is something that we really love.


Can a guy who lives outside Greece be an editor in the webzine?

Savvas: Sure! We always look for editors outside Greece. As we have mentioned earlier, this approach adds value since the visitors of the website could have the chance to read something new and fresh.

What is your dream about

Nicholas: Our goal is to establish the website as the leader in the Greek rock music press.

Savvas: We want to give to the rock fans the whole picture of what is going on in today’s rock scene. We are open to new ideas and we want to create something unique.

Check the website

If you are interested to be an editor in, please contact Nichola Tolika and Savva Stani


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