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Posted on: Jun 15, 2013

ERT doesn't belong to the government to shut it down

Ypogeia Revmata
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I hadn’t heard in years the “forbidden” for the soul word Hunta. When I came in the Netherlands I was proud of many things about my country and one of those things was Democracy. It originated from Greece and then spread through the world.

And now? And now I see agony, sadness, despair, every time I open my skype I hear words like fascism, nazism, hunta. I’ve been away 18 months and I now feel that I have lost all the connection I had and any chance of truly understanding what is going on back home.

I hear about taxes, racism, let offs and my unemployed friends trying to escape a country that is literally driving them away. As it drove me.

About 3 months ago, ET3 tv along with Chryssa Stamou and the TV Show “Diaspora”, were the only ones that were concerned about the Greeks abroad, like me. She talked to me and she was interested to find out what I do here and how am I doing. The national television was the one that still kept the Greek element alive on each corner of the planet. Because the Greeks are now less within the country and more outside of it.

Greece without ERT is a stupid blonde and her name is Bobolas
With the command of Samaras (Greek PM), Greece is the only country of the world that doesn’t have Public Radio and TV. The decision was taken through a “legislative act”, because we no longer have a king to sign the royal decrees and Patakos (a former dictator) is too old to made a minister and to undertake the hard task that Simos Kedikoglou had to take.
With a hurried and short announcement, the responsible minister told of the closing of ERT in order for it to no longer burden the Greek people and the opening of a new public radio and television, full of health and joy. Lets start by saying that these Mujahedin of liberalism, these people that the only public thing that they want to retain are taxes, owe now to condemn this constitutional outrage. Before we get to the essence about the case of ERT, everybody must understand that Samara’s decision had neither the parliamentary nor the social support. Even the parties that co-govern stated that they disagree. So how is this decision legal?

wrote Kostas Baxevanis.

"Head hurst, cut head”, thats exactly what happened with ERT. At 12.00pm they cut off the power. Approximately 3000 reporters, technicians, cameramen, flow managers were left in the darkness.

I wanted in the near future to write about one of the many deceptions of capitalism, but the events did it for me. I wanted to write that some things, when they are of public interest, cannot be making profits.
The public transports should not be profitable.
The hospitals should not be profitable.
All the cultural commons should not be profitable.
Otherwise, why are we paying taxes for?
So that ships can go, in the heavy winter on the forgotten sea lines with passengers 3 old ladies, in order to take care of those that have no insurance, to have a voice and a step on all those things that will never be trendy or best sellers.
And ERT should be one of those cases. A medium that fights head on the cesspools of this subculture without suffering from the business man syndrome.

wrote G. Frantzskakis, employee of ERT for 15 years, and made me understand why ERT shouldn’t close.

Because ERT is my ship for the forgotten line to Greece.

And now what about NERIT? We became globally a joke once more. A private citizen bought the domain, as a joke. Also, what about all those subscriptions, bought Greek expats all over the world. What about all those unemployed, that, instead of decreasing them we are increasing them daily, what about sports, music, expat Greece, what about Democracy?

You don’t get it, because you are young, but its their style that reeks of Hunta”, “its that they did it, without asking, anyone...

I was told yesterday on skype. We have once again reached rock bottom.

I used to listen to stories about Hunta from my grandfather and he always teared. He was quite a democratic person for his time. I don’t think he could go over, something like this, again.

To see so many people on the streets, seeing the lights close, live on air from the national tv in front of the eyes of millions of people, “just because”. .

Wikipedia: Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.

All of Greece was in front of their TV sets and they waited. At 23:10 the signal was shut down at Alexandroupoli, while at 23:50 the antenna of Thasos was brought down.

So, what is to be shut down after ERT?

“Greece here, Greece here, we are broadcasting through another frequency”...

ΕΡΤ is still online in these links:,,,

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