Back in Greece
Posted on: Mar 12, 2013

ABSENT - Greek political graffiti activist spread his messages and art on the walls of Athens


Greek graffiti has been vibrant for over 30 years, but after the unfortunate lately events that took part in Greece, many buildings have been touched by graffiti to make a statement and cover the dirty.

The past few year, Athens is full of Absent’s work. At the beginning there were only posters, bigger stencils and clever installations.

He intrigued the Athenian street art and graffiti scene with deeply politically influence, always siding with the times.

Until now, he manages to keep his identity hidden and the ideas he promotes wide open. Probably you won't meet him as a person but you can feel his energy at the narrow Athenean streets where his designs are decorating the gray color of the city. He is ABSENT.

See more at his personal blog


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