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Posted on: Mar 12, 2013

Greeks Ask Themselves: Who's A Greek

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Joanna Kakissis wrote a great article about Greece who seems to be wrestling with a fundamental question: Who's a Greek?

Stephanos Mwange, a Greek-born citizen of Ugandan descent, says his love for Greek history and mythology have inspired him to act ancient Greek tragedies such as Hecuba. He's a well-known actor, though his positive experience as a naturalized Greek citizen is exceptional. Most from a similar background say they've been made to feel like foreigners.

Anyone who's born here ought to have the chance to become a Greek,"
"Why feel like a foreigner in your own home?"

Mwange says.

Jackie Abhulimen, 21, was born in Athens to a Kenyan mother and a Nigerian father and has lived here all her life. In Greek history books, she says,

"the foreigner is always viewed as something negative, something threatening."

Growing up black, Abhulimen was made to feel that Greece was not really her home.

"I was always made to feel from the textbooks how the foreigner is always viewed as something negative, something threatening, something like, 'They're coming after us and we must defeat them,'"

she says.

You can read the whole article here


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