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Posted on: Mar 12, 2013

Beijing to Athens with a skateboard - The Flying Chinese who became a loyal Athenian

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Language and motivation

Dimitris Karaiskos met Chen Zuo in groups of surfers and skaters. At first he thought he was Greek, or even half Greek. He spoke the Greek language the "Greek way" with all the relevant slang and Dimitris thought-at least- that he Chen had lived here for many years. He learned that it is only Chen's his third year in Athens and that he came to Greece to take the position of a specialist in some specific mechanical systems for a large international company.

He certainly did not see a serious professional corporate image. He saw a man extremely friendly, with incredible humor and positive energy. Also someone who first rose to snowboard, connecting turns - immediately, from the first bounce. Someone that immediately caught the waves. Probably that happened because Chen Zuo is roasted, seasoned and a deep technical skateboarder.

Chen has lived almost the history of this sport from the beginning, has been emerged in it, and is, in his own way, part of it. Dimitris thinks that skaters who have seen him skate in Athens, "bow" in front of his abilities. Dimitris Karaiskos definitely bows to the comfort which he saw when two people who seem to be from cultures so far away, eventually may be so close. But because Chen is his friend and he is prejudiced about him, he can not write much more (enthusiastic things) about him. He just going to ask him a few questions and leave Chen to tell the rest.

You can see the whole interview (in greek) here



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