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Posted on: Jan 22, 2020

Ypogeia Revmata are visiting the Netherlands and Belgium and they are sharing their thoughts with us


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Three experienced musicians, a legendary voice, an Underground company that has been going on for 25 years and operates right here and now!

How was 2019 for Ypogeia Revmata?

2019 was another weird year in this world. One year older, one more year full of pictures and sounds, and hopefully wiser. We did a lot of trips and nice concerts while working on new songs and sounds. Some of them are already making their way to the audience.

You are an experienced band with countless concerts for 25 years. How does the audience facing you after all these years? What differences do you see from the past?

As the years go by, the audience comes much closer to the band. When your music survives, it automatically becomes part of other people's lives and memories, and this is how this connection becomes similar to the feeling of old friends who meet again. Of course there is also a new audience, new friends! All of these it’s really vital.

After all, what is the force or inspiration that keeps Ypogeia Revmata alive and productive for so many years?

It is the passing sun, the silence that rules, the moment and the present as it passes and experiences (and good company!!)

You are a socially aware group and through your songs you comment on aspects of social life. What are the issues that concern you most socially? Are there any good things in society that you would also like to write about?

We are concerned with the one who is prevented from going forward, the one who is being chained. Everything would be positive if the tendency of our culture to worship power was not making everything bad and ugly.

What are your plans? Is there new material? Will there be a new record again?

The material is always there because it does not dry out as long as we breathe. The hard thing is the time and the reason to work on it! We managed to find the reason and now we are struggling with time. We are recording a series of tracks that we hope to complete soon.

What are your goals for the next decade?

Ideally, to be up and running, ten good records and 100 good concerts!

What would you like to say to those still thinking about coming to see you live in the Netherlands?

In general, we would say, meet up with old and new friends, dance and talk. Discover places, go to the theater or come to the concert! Specifically, COME ... You don't know what the next day will bring!

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