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Posted on: Feb 18, 2019

Interview with Nadia Boule for the show Tell me on Sunday

Mike Klianis

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Nadia was born and raised in Athens. She studied Communication and Mass Media at University of Athens. She gained great popularity as a TV – hostess in successful TV shows broadcasted in Greek channels like Mega and Ant1. In recent years Nadia has won a special position in musical theatre in Greece, by starring in some of the most popular musicals (“Grease”, “Rocky Horror Show”, “Cabaret”, “Fame”) and leading “Evita”. In the musical “Tell me on a Sunday” by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Nadia Boule turns into a next door girl. One of the all-time favorite one – woman shows continues its European tour at CC Amstel theatre in Amsterdam as its second stop.


We first met you as a TV hostess in Mad TV. You continued your career at channels like Alter or Mega and for more than six years, you were a radio producer in various radio stations. The last few years, you have focused in singing and dancing as you participate in popular musical plays. Do you have a favorite occupation or each one fulfills you in each own way?

I believe that I have found an element of fulfillment in all my occupations. My need for communication is the driving force and I feel very lucky that I discovered what I loved in a very young age. You constantly look for new challenges and broad your horizons and in my case, I found musicals where I think I am the best version of myself.

How do you feel about starting your first big tour abroad?

I feel very anxious and happy at the same time. I am glad that our Greek team (Dimitris Malissovas, director and Alexander Priftis, Musical Teacher and piano) has the chance to travel abroad and we are ready to give our best.

Do you find common characteristics between your role and you?

I can’t find many similarities between the heroine of the play and myself. When I was younger, I felt like I had to make many compromises in order to make relationships work, however growing up found me more settled, and calm with myself.


Tell me on a Sunday is a one – woman show. How demanding is it?

Musicals are always demanding as portraying a story utilizing different ways of expression is not easy. I always find myself lost in the process. I cannot find time for my friends or myself. Hahah! More specifically, in “Tell me on a Sunday”, English is not my mother tongue and this is an even greater challenge for me. I took a big step and I dove into the process.

Do you believe that the audience, especially Greeks, will identify themselves with the character of the play?

The play covers so many relationship situations that I find it unlikely for someone not to find some elements of identification. We have all found ourselves into some of these situations. The way the play is written (music by Andrew Lloyd Webber & lyrics by Don Black) manages to keep the audience in an awe while following the story of this woman. We have created a more Mediterranean attitude for this woman, which is highly relatable to my mentality. Our approach to personal issues is way more dramatic compared to Nothern audiences who keep an emotional distance. Our girl experiences her drama in a Greek way! Hahaha!

“Tell me on a Sunday”: What is the audience of the play and why should someone come see the play?

The play is addressed to everyone who has experienced problems in their personal lives, aka everybody! Hahaha! Moreover, it is addressed to people who live life without quitting and are always trying to get up after a fall. To all those who understand that happiness or misery are a matter of choice and that happiness comes from inside.


Do you expect a different audience in Netherland? How do you expect your audience to be?

I really have no idea and I am thrilled to find out. I know that Amsterdam is a multicultural capital so I expect to meet people from different countries who share their love for musical theatre.

What do you love doing in your spare time, and what is your favorite music?

I love going to the movies, read good books, do Pilates, travel and watch Netflix.

What are your plans for the direct and indirect future?

My immediate plans include the play in Amsterdam (it would be my second time in the city) and then, the announcement of the rest of the tour. I cannot wait.

I also have created a company with Greek organic products like honey, olive and wines that includes an e-shop ( ) and whole sales and we want to make the greek healthy way of loving well known worldwide!
So, that is another passion that I share and love!

Find out more about “Tell me on a Sunday” at: CC Amstel and on Facebook: Tell Me on a Sunday at CC Amstel.

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