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Posted on: May 17, 2018

Yota Baron a Greek that sings flamenco in the Netherlands


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A trip to Spain was the cause for Yota to love Flamenco with all of her heart. 17 years later she comes to the Netherlands to make us love it like she does.

When did you start loving flamenco?

It was on a trip that my father gave me as a gift, when I finished my studies.

We went in Spain. In one of our visits in Granada, I had the chance to see traditional flamenco in vino (live). As soon as I got back in Athens I immediately subscribed to a flamenco dance school.

After 7 years of dancing I decided to give up everything and start flamengo singing. Since then it goes with the flow.


So, how many years you are involved with flamenco in general?

17 years

What made you fall in love with flamenco?

To be honest, I'm still not really sure. All I can say is that when I'm in the action "guitar - dancing - song" I feel like electricity strikes me.


What’s the idea behind A'dam / De Meevaart Spanish Avond. What to expect?

It is one of the many efforts that many people do, here in the Netherlands to present a traditional flamenco show.

The idea was to "capture" the neighborhood's pulse, to address people that had no experience of flamenco again. And I found ample ground in the neighborhood of Balistraat and the theater De Meevaart

Anyone who will attend the show will have the opportunity to see a typical tablao flamenco as, he would have seen it in Andalusia.

The artists I invite every time are all professionals and with great experience. In each performance the guitarist and the dancer are different.


What else Yota Baron flamenco y producciones is organizing?

Currently I am working intensively on two very large projects.

The one is Dutch Flamenco Biennale, the second largest flamenco event in the world. I am responsible for the production of 6 projects. You can find more information here

The second is a festival I organize for the second year in Athens and involves the entire flamenco community as well as musicians from other musical genres. The meeting is simple and beautiful in three patios of Athens. We chose this word because it also has a Spanish meaning (hola = hi) and a Greek (all) one.

At the same time I have smaller projects like the one in Meevaart, I have the honor to work with the National Opera this year in a program for people with disabilities, I sing in performances as a guest and teach flamenco singing in Amsterdam on Tuesdays.


Are there many international artists in the Flamenco scene;

A lot. Most of the artists are Spanish of course.

por alegria : yota y cris from Yota Baron on Vimeo.

What are the future plans?

I want to be able to live by organizing events and singing. But the most important: to be able to actively help people in need through my performances.

Learn more about Yota Baron at her page on Facebook: Yota Baron Flamenco y Producciones and at her website Facebook and at her website


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