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Posted on: Apr 30, 2015

Maria Elena Kyriakou & the Eurovision team 2015 in Amsterdam - Interview


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On Saturday, April 18, we met Maria Elena Kyriakou, and the Greek team of this year's Eurovision, in Amsterdam.

After the small final of the Eurovision in Amsterdam’s Melkweg stage, Maria Elena Kyriakou was at the Santorini Greek Tavern, along with friends and fans that passed by to meet her and wish her good luck. She gave us an exclusive interview and described to us with enthusiasm the journey so far and the final way for the Eurovision semi-finals.

A sweet woman with great talent, accompanied by the multi-talented Efthyvoulos Theocharis, will rouse the crowds and will represent us in this year's Eurovision contest in Austria. The Semi-Finals are from May 1 to May 19 and the Grand Final will be on May 23. We are wishing her good luck already! Go Greece!

Who is Maria Elena Kyriakou

Maria Elena Kyriakou was born in Cyprus and she is the mother of three children. At the age of 12 she won the 1996 child singer contest of Cyprus.

In 2006 she got a degree in Greek literature and humanities, and started working as a teacher. However in May 2014 she participated at the "Voice of Greece" music tv Show, which she finally won, mentored by the famous Greek singer Despoina Vandi. As the winner of the Show she signed a contract with MINOS EMI and her first album was released in July 2014.

Here you can listen the interview of Maria Elena Kyriakou for @ Amsterdam

Lyrics “One last breath”

My soul, I guess I’m just no one
you killed me and I am done, without a gun
my light has fade, I feel betrayed
just can’t be brave, without faith
How could you leave?

I’m begging you take me
wherever you have gone
come back and save me
don’t want to be alone
nothing left, I just have
one last breath

I’ m begging you take me
out of this firing hell
come back and save me
what happened wasn’t fair
nothing left all that I have
is one last breath
only one last breath

Just pain, fake love and drunken lie
Ι struggle to survive, I’m still alive
I’m fighting tears and fears apart
but still it’s dark, inside my heart

More about Maria Elena Kyriakou here:

Maria Elena Kyriakou in Amsterdam


A special thank you to Spyros Gogas for his amazing photographs. Check his work at his page on Facebook Spiros Gogas Film & Photography.


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