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Posted on: Apr 21, 2014

Black and White Photography Exhibition in Amsterdam by Spiros Gogas

Mike Klianis
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Passionate photographer, creative camera man, amateur singer, an artist in Amsterdam, Spiros, always with a smile and a lot of crazyness, is going around on his bike and he is gathering images that move and stimulate his emotions.

Armed with talent, incredible love for the images that he walks by daily in Amsterdam and the undying passion of man from the island of Corfu, he presents daily images through his own prespective in a unique exhibition at the centre of Amsterdam.


How many years are you involved with photography?

Photography first entered my life at the beginning of 2000, a very expensive hobby for that film age but at the same time so unique that it still takes me back even today.

I started working as a professional photographer since the summer of 2004 when, my already photographer cousin encouraged me to do so, he was the first one to notice my talent and love for the art of photography.


Photography is the work or art?

Any kind of work has its art, photography more so.


What is the inspiration behind your exhibition?

The inspiration for this exhibition is nothing more than images and emotions around the daily trips of my life, invisible to the people around me.


Where can we see more of your work?

At my professional Facebook page Spiros Gogas Film & Photography, and at my personal website

What gives you more inspiration in the Netherlands?

The symbiosis and mix of old and new, I'm crazy about it!


24 April, B&W PHOTO EXHIBITION, IMIHO Overtoom 429, from 17:00 - 21:00, with live DJ, finger food and good greek wine!

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