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Posted on: Mar 11, 2013

Window to the wheel, a photographic walk in Amsterdam by Alexandros G Thomas

Johnnys Garage

Window to the wheel

It's a fact that Amsterdam is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Someone will realize that just after a couple of hours of walking or cycling around the city it self.

In this city the windows of the "doll houses" around the canals are highly desirable mostly due to the magical view each window has but also finding a window of your own has become one of the hardest achievements.

The bicycle is the main ingredient flowing in the blood streams of these city streets of Amsterdam. It's the fastest transportation mean; anybody will agree if they stay and live in this place long enough to experience the everyday routine problems of the alternative transportation means. With this two wheeler ecological friend of ours we gain full autonomy, no parking issues and never have to wait.

Although we do have to take care so that our friend does not get stolen, otherwise we can just enjoy the everyday canal rides in front of all those desirable canal windows.

(English translation by Dimitrios Georgoutsakos)

Photos by Alexandros G Thomas, Popeeye.

Alexandros G Thomas

Veteran photographer from Athens now living and pointing his camera all around The Netherlands. Check out his work at