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Posted on: Mar 11, 2013

Greek graphic novel Mavri foustanela - The Greek bucolic manga


Chris Stampoulis is behind the graphic novel "Mavri foustanela". For those who know his work they can say for sure that this is his best so far.

The hero first appeared in 2004 in a six-page comic from George Tsakireli, in a black booklet, recently released by the adventures of the shepherd-samurai-karategka anti-hero, who looks for his lost love against the backdrop of the Greek revolution of 1821.

Τhe graphic novel, which takes place in an environment of lawlessness and decay, "Mavri foustanela" fights the Turks and "saviors", meets Areti & Kakia, meets the mermaid, witches, priests, Athanasia and trys to save his beloved Mafrovoulitsa from the hands of Gkaflampei.

Through bloody dark humor, "Mavri foustanela" is a very caustic commentary. You can download it for free and read it from the Mavri Foustanela blog

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